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Cedar Garden Stands

Cedar stands can be made for any of the resin and wooden gardens.  Prices range from $100-$200 (dependent on size). Ask for a quote when ordering your garden. All stands are made from cedar because of it's weather resistant properties and it's strength. Legs are 4"x4" posts which can easily support the weight of a garden filled with wet soil.

The 2 stands shown on the left are 1' high because the gardens that will be placed on them will be tended by 1rst grade children.  Stands can be built up to 2' high (stand on right) which is more appropriate for adults.

Replacement covers

Garden style and size          Winter plastic cover         Warm weather, breathable cover

Resin 3'x3'                                         $35                                       $30

Resin 5'x3'                                         $35                                       $30

Vertical 4'x1'                                      $30                                       $25

Vertical 6'x1'                                      $35                                       $30

Vertical 8'x1'                                      $35                                       $30

Wooden 2'x2'                                    $25                                        $20

Wooden 4'x2'                                    $30                                        $25

Wooden 4'x4'                                    $35                                        $30

Wooden 5'x3'                                    $35                                        $30

Wooden 8'x2'                                    $35                                        $30

Wooden 8'x4'                                    $50                                        $40 

Bulk Roll                           (100'x12') $250                              (250'x12') $300

*** Above prices include free shipping if you order 2 or more replacement covers (you can mix & match).

*** Cost to ship single cover is $5.

                        Cover change at your house

                                             This service is no longer available.