Veggiegrower Gardens is pleased to offer rain barrels made right here in Albuquerque, NM.  These rain barrels come in 5 different sizes and are available in any of the 32 colors shown on the "Colors" page. Within ABQ., rain barrels will be delivered free to your home.

This 65 gallon rain barrel is dark speckled adobe.

Our rain barrels are made of food grade, BPA-free plastic resin and have a UV stabilizer molded right into the barrels. Sizes and Prices are as follows:

50 gallon - $165   (20" dia x 36" high) Cylindrical

65 gallon - $200   (20" dia x 48" high) Cylindrical

100 gallon - $300   (27" dia x 43" high) Cylindrical

200 gallon - $400   (36" dia x 48" high) Cylindrical

360 gallon - $500   (48" dia x 48" high) Cylindrical

Stainless steel 17" baskets and copper spigots are now standard on 100, 200 and 360 gallon rain barrels.

*Above prices include FREE delivery anywhere in Albuquerque.

This 100 gallon Villa shows the overflow, the spigot, and the strainer basket that are included with every rain barrel. (17" stainless basket and copper spigot now standard on 100, 200, and 360 gallon barrels - HUGE quality improvement!)

For more information or to order a rain barre(s) please email Chuck at or call 505 314-4681.