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Longer days and warmer temperatures means that it's time to start growing some of your own food!

"More food than we know what to do with...what a great problem to have!"

New, Bigger 6 foot x 5 foot "Family Feeder" Gardens are here!

Veggiegrower Garden designer and owner, Chuck O'Herron-Alex, stands next to the largest Veggiegrower yet! We are please to announce the production of the 6'x5' Family Feeder Garden. For more info click HERE.

 Veggiegrower Gardens is ready and excited to welcome another growing season!  Veggiegrower gardens now come in three sizes (3'x3', 5'x3' & 6'x5') and there is one that is just right for your location. I will also be offering warm weather and cold weather replacement covers mailed directly to your home. Rain Barrels come in 5 sizes (50-360 gals.), 32 color options and are made right here in Albuquerque.

The New Veggiegrower Gardens will not have a storefront*** but will allow purchasing of our New Mexican made products through email or phone orders and products can be delivered/shipped to your home, apartment, school, or business. Cash, checks and credit cards are all welcomed.

***Veggiegrower Gardens is a registered business in the city of Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico.  We are happy to work with non profit organizations, schools and government agencies who require tax exempt status (Non-Taxable Transaction Certificate required. Call for our CRS#).

Thanks for your continued business, referrals and recommendations!

Chuck O'Herron-Alex

       chuckoa@gmail.com     505 314-4681

                     3'x3' garden in the middle of winter.  Look at those healthy greens!

A 5'x3' wickertone Veggiegrower Resin garden planted with herbs.

A red 5'x3' getting ready to be delivered and planted (notice built in irrigation, drainage and winter cover!).

A light adobe 3' x  3' bursting with salad greens.

A blueberry 5' x 3' Veggiegrower Resin garden that was planted from seed.

A happy customer with her speckled blueberry 5'x3' Veggiegrower Resin garden.

This sherwood green garden has been set up on a low stand for school aged children.
Photo on the right was taken 4 weeks after planting (on December 19th)!

This speckled blueberry garden, with winter cover in place, is about to be filled with
organic soil and planted by a 1rst grade class.

                                            1 foot high stand.                                                                                                             2 foot high stand.

These beautiful and extremely durable cedar stands are a great way to raise the garden for easier access (more information on cedar stands can be found on the "Other products and services" page).

A highly productive Veggiegrower Resin garden filled with Swiss chard and Asian greens